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I am extremely grateful to the good people at LSF Publications who took my fumbling ignorance as a writer and told me they would like to make eBooks out of my work. I love their approach to publishing: it is thorough, detailed and always determined to give the reader a well prepared book. The relationship with their writers is much the same and they are endlessly patient…well at least with me they are. Some are stories from the LSF free site transferred to eBook form for you to own and some are brand new books only available in that format.

You can purchase your own copies of my eBooks, either through Amazon for use on a Kindle or at LSF Publications for use on any eReader www.lsfpublications.com/

Elizabeth's Flight

Elizabeth will shortly be eighteen. She is the daughter of cold, critical but wealthy parents and her father has political ambitions. In order to further these he betroths Elizabeth to one Rankin Blake a man of great influence but personally very cruel. Elizabeth has no intention of marrying him and takes flight. She has secretly applied for a post as a teacher in the small Western town of Kirkham. A huge surprise awaits her there which raises doubts over her parentage. It soon becomes clear, however, that she is still being pursued by her parents and Blake. In order to forestall a compulsory marriage to Blake she marries Henry the sheriff. Marriage should make her safe… it certainly satisfies her in every way (even though she does go over Henry’s knees several times) but the pursuit is not over and there is much drama to come before Elizabeth is truly safe in Henry’s arms.

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Erin's Visit

Erin is one of my favourite characters. Taking a gap year before university she goes to stay with her aunt and uncle in the US and finds that among the other older teenage girls she is the odd one out…she isn’t spanked if she misbehaves. Not wanting to be different among her new friends she persuades her aunt and uncle to buy one of the church packs on raising teenagers which naturally includes a free spanking paddle. This is a coming of age story with a loving aunt and uncle, a boyfriend with a deeply unpleasant father and a happy ending.

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The Disciplined Women of Chapel Island

Kate has been dragged around by her parents because of her father’s restless desire to get to the top. Finally, he has made it: knighthood, Bentley and the wealth to live on Chapel Island. As she approaches her eighteenth birthday the move takes place with a promise to Kate that it will be the final move. It is a beautiful place but only for those wealthy enough to live there but it has a secret. Kate strives to discover it and when she does it shocks, intrigues and excites her; then she discovers someone is spying on her. Who is it and why are they doing so? Just who is really running the island? Why are they so interested in her? Her search for the answers and her surprise when she finds out are accompanied by a good many sore bottoms.

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Erin's Cousin

Jessica is Erin’s cousin; she is just as pretty but nowhere near as well behaved. She hasn’t Erin’s ability or talents and that makes her jealous even though she likes Erin; her father isn’t anywhere near as wealthy as Erin’s dad and Jessica is sick of hearing about how wonderful Erin is.  But when family and friends start singing Erin’s praises because of the  spanking contract Jessica sees a way to compete…she too will sign one. She gets the praise sure enough but also the spankings, which she doesn’t like, but then she finds her behaviour is improving and her own talents are beginning to develop.

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Journey to Love

Kathy Anderton is angry and who can blame her. Her American father ran off when she was just a baby and her English mother has had a hard struggle to bring her up on her own. When her mother dies she is angry that no one from her father’s family comes forward and neither do her mother’s parents. She researches her father’s family and discovers they all still live in a small town in the American south. Coincidentally she finds that there is a nearby college where she can do a degree. She decides to study at the college and find out more about her father’s family. She is totally unprepared for the various discoveries she makes. This is an unashamed love story but with spankings.

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Spanking the Secretary's Bottom

She was the youngest child of very clever parents. She is no high flyer and her siblings look down on her but she is highly organised, very practical and shrewd at finding solutions to problems. As secretary to an exclusive girls’ school she has be a witness when the headmaster uses corporal punishment but soon she finds she wants to do more than witness…. she wants to experience it and does. Following a move to an administrative post in government she finds that her problem solving abilities are extremely useful when an MP is blackmailed because he has been spanking the secretaries. Her successes take her into a new social circle with new experiences some of which make her very sore indeed. I originally wrote this as a short story but following requests continued her adventures.

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The Last Spanking Story

Miles is the world’s premier writer of spanking stories and film scripts. He is a wealthy and successful celebrity but he is tired of it all. He doesn’t want to write any more spanking stories.  Instead he announces his retirement on social media, puts on his walking boots and goes for a long walk on the moors near his home. I love the moors near my home and wanted to write something involving them. What if, I thought, there was a village so isolated that the twenty first century hadn’t touched it. Not possible? Well what if it were locked in a time warp in the year 1938. That is where Miles finds himself trapped. A village that uses corporal punishment to keep law and order. To his surprise Miles finds he disapproves.

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Scenes of Domestic Discipline

These three books contain some of my favourite short (and some not so short) stories involving domestic discipline. I think my real favourite is “Twelve Words” a spanking romance written for Patxi another LSF writer. The story begins and ends with twelve words (including the personal pronoun).

Book 1: http://www.lsfpublications.com/index.php?id=507

Book 2: http://www.lsfpublications.com/index.php?id=508

Book 3: http://www.lsfpublications.com/index.php?id=509

A Change of Regime: the return of corporal punishment

All of the stories in this collection are set in a future Britain. Not so far into the future as to be science fiction but a not impossible future where there has been a huge crack down on law and order. There has been, in effect, a revolution but as in all revolutions there is injustice masquerading as justice. The girl that has done nothing but is caught by the Inappropriate Association Act. The innocent victim of a system tricked by bar codes. The student teachers enduring the Ministry of Education’s tough new attitude to teachers. All caught by a change of regime.

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Spanking Tales of the Unexpected

Every now and then I like to write stories that are a little strange…a hint of a ghost, a touch of the unexplained or a twist which hopefully you did not see coming. At least one of these stories has a small helping of my outrage at how society condemns women for so called immorality while operating double standards. Some of these are ‘what if’ stories. What if schools had to raise money in odd ways? What if there was game show that used virtual reality? What if there was a bed with a stern warning that it must never be slept in?

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The Spanking of Erin and her Cousin

Erin and Jessica, the heroines of Erin’s Visit and Erin’s Cousin, begged to be put together in one book. They might now reside on opposite sidesof the Atlantic but they wanted to be together so here they are in the omnibus edition.

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A Return to High School

Karen has had it tough. Both her parents died when she was a teenager and she dropped out of high school. She is tough and resourceful but under that tough shell she likes to help others. At around the time she gets a large inheritance from a relative she discovers she can, with the right hairstyle and clothes, pass for sixteen. She decides to use her wealth to go back to high school. She cleverly gets foster parents and false papers and enrols in a strict school. To her surprise she does well at high school but it’s not all plain sailing. There are friends to be rescued at parties; a teacher that picks on her; another friend with a physically abusive father; and a gang of drug dealers targeting the school. On top of that someone may know who she really is. Oh and did I mention that her foster parents spank? It all comes right in the end of course.

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The Reluctant Bride

Ellen does not want to get married and she stands up to her domineering grandfather who wants to marry her off to a business acquaintance. She can’t see the need to be married at all. She is an heiress and frankly who needs a man when you have money? When her grandfather dies she goes to find her brother missing for six years. She is intelligent, resourceful and can ride and shoot so why shouldn’t she go to the Wild West to track him down? Ted is heir to a fortune but prefers to be a gentleman adventurer earning his living by courting danger and putting bad men where they belong. He has never wanted to be married and when he is asked to guide Ellen into a dangerous and lonely area he has no intention of doing anything else. But sharing dangers and privations with her he begins to think again. Their tempestuous relationship begins to change them both but Ellen simply won’t agree to marry…at least not until she finds her brother and that is looking increasingly unlikely.

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The Spanking Adventures of Butterfly McKendrick

The McKendrik family are all eccentric even young Butterfly so when her Uncle Dragonfly invents a device for inserting the reader into the very story they are reading she is eager to go. Not for her the great classic novels, no, Butterfly wants to go into a spanking story. She is also desperate to rid herself of an embarrassment…her virginity. She goes into a school spanking story first and certainly manages to get spanked but losing her virginity just doesn’t happen. Leaving chaos behind her she moves on to “Blushing Bots for Blushing Brides”. This turns out to be a very strange book indeed written by a weird writer named Susan Thomas. Fancy making a spanking vicar your hero? She certainly gets spanked a great deal but will a vicar take her virginity? Then she is asked a question which sends her rushing back to Uncle Dragonfly for advice.

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