Elizabeth's Flight has gone to the publisher


Elizabeth’s Flight has gone to LSF Publications as a submission. I do hope that Flopsy and Februs regard it as acceptable for publication. Several people have flattered me by saying I do not write stories that are merely set piece spankings with links in between. They say I write stories which happen to have spanking in them…in the case of Elizabeth’s Flight quite a lot of sex scenes too. I don’t like twisting the plot to fit in a sex scene; with The Reluctant Bride there really wasn’t any natural opportunity to have a sex scene. That is not so with Elizabeth’s Flight. To begin with the story appears to be a simple case of a girl, with rather cold and unpleasant parents, who want her to marry a most unsuitable man. She flees to the West to become a school teacher. Of course it isn’t by any means as straight forward as that. I await Flopsy’s verdict.

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