Short Stories by Susan Thomas

Short Stories Published in the Library of Spanking Fiction

I began writing one short story with spanking in it…just one. That was all I intended to do and then…well it began to be a major hobby. I have written hundreds of thousands of words now and never let anyone tell you writing a story is easy… A great many of these stories are in the wonderful Library of Spanking Fiction. This is a British site but has stories and readers from around the world. The best news of is that all the stories in it are entirely free and free of all advertising. You do have to be a member but membership is free and anonymous…you just need a user name. Once you are a member you will discover just how vast the library is…a huge and ever growing collection of all sorts of stories, articles and poems all involving spanking in some way. Each author has a page you can visit. There is a forum which welcomes your views on a myriad of subjects. You can (and indeed should) write comments on the stories you read and you can save your own favourites to read again and again when you log in. If you write yourself you can submit your own stories, enter the competitions or, with everyone else, simply vote on the entries you read. The one thing you cannot do is copy or download any of the stories to your own device...don’t even try because Februs will know.

Below is a list of the stories I have in the Library…please do register today.

A Day at the Beach
He was attractive and she accepted the invitation to spend a day at the beach with him. He turned out to be a domineering jerk but she got her revenge.

A Spanking in 100 Words.
An experiment in flash fiction.

A Spanking Shared
A sequel to my first story “Thank You” about a DD relationship. Written with thanks to Ken Emmerson.

When a mother seeks advice about her teenage daughter she does not expect to be spanked by her brother in law.

Alderton College
The college is British and takes boarders but it is located in a spanking state in the Southern USA. It is most unusual in that the teaching staff are all subject to corporal punishment. Punishment notifications are sent by text to the teacher by senior staff and they must report to Room 21 to be disciplined, within clearly defined limits, by one of the sergeants. Why do they stay? The answer is the college has many rewards for those eager to just teach. The story is in 20 parts so far but is not yet finished.

Alice’s Education
The college, located in a rural backwater of the USA, is for girls seeking a degree. Nothing unusual about that but this college is really intended for members of a large group of very strict churches. It has a strict set of rules and a disciplinary code that includes corporal correction. So why is Alice, a British girl, there and what is it about her that so disturbs Mark her supervisor? The story follows Alice through her first year and her ever deepening relationship with Mark. In 22 parts.

Alison Trilogy
No matter what your age challenging your parents can be very hard indeed. Follow Alison’s challenge in these three stories. These are best read in the order: Alison Arrives Home, Alison’s Bad Day and Alison’s Partnership.

All Hallows’ Evening
When the shy Sir John Thornton invited the young, and new, village schoolteacher to his house for supper on All Hallows’ Evening he had the most honourable of intentions. What happened was shocking…but did it really happen?

Always Friends
They had known each other since nursery school and shared everything so it seemed right to share the spanking from her friend’s new husband but was it right to share his bed?

Amy’s Spanking
Amy experiences quite a culture shock when she moves to the USA.

Another Spanking Story
Can a ghost spank you? Susan really isn’t so sure.

Butterfly McKendrick
A longer story broken into four parts. Butterfly visits her uncle Dragonfly and discovers he has found a way of inserting her into books to live with the characters in it; but Butterfly doesn’t choose classics she is only interested in spanking stories.

Bryony’s Spanking
Bryony discovers it really isn’t a good idea to lie to her husband.

Chat Up Line
She was at the obligatory social event for the company and bored out of her mind then he came up with just the one chat up line that would get her undivided attention, “I would like to put you across my knee and spank your bottom…hard.”

A science fiction story in which a young woman discovers her activities have rather unpleasant consequences.

Coming of Age
Not all coming of age ceremonies involve getting a sore bottom but in King Richard’s world they do.

When Madeline is asked to help her old school with legal advice it stirs up her guilty conscience but will she have the courage to confess and take the consequences?

A love struck young man has set the scene for a romantic proposal but the resulting conversation does not go in the way he expected.

Crossing the Line
She was on a cruise up the coast of Norway and into the Arctic Circle. No one knew her secret interest in spanking but when the crossing the line ceremony involved just a little it was enough for him to make an approach. After that she crossed a lot of lines.

A spanking helps bring about an emotional release from unresolved grief.

The Devil Trilogy
The Devil takes a holiday from doing evil things and decides just to make a little harmless mischief getting Old Tom to spank a few female bottoms. The consequences of his mischief are far greater than he expected. Best read in the order: The Devil Made Me Do It; The Devil, the Vicar and Melanie; The Devil Returns.

She is eighteen. Eighteen years of age. Don’t they all realize she is grown up now?

Erin’s Visit
Erin is a bright girl born and brought up in England. Rather than go straight to university she visits her uncle and aunt in the USA to spend a year with them. Their church uses a manual to guide parents in raising their kids and especially teenagers. It includes provision for ‘corporal correction.’ Erin’s uncle and aunt have no intention of using that with Erin but Erin doesn’t want to be the odd girl out. She makes some very interesting and sometimes painful discoveries.

There is a sequel to this entitled Erin’s Cousin which is set wholly in Britain.

False Identity
Set in the near future in a time where corporal punishment has been reintroduced into Britain. Her younger sister uses her identity to break curfew and drink alcohol. This story is only one of several describing this future Britain. It began with Punishment written from a father’s point of view when his daughter is caught by the draconian Inappropriate Association Act. In the library may also be found The Nice Headmaster and Students of the Nice Headmaster in which student teachers face regular punishment imposed by the Department for Education. Also linked to these stories are Mistake and The Black Card.

Available from CF Publications are further stories about that future Britain: For the times They are achangin’, Changing Miss Barker, The Times Have Changed Miss Barker, Justice and Mission Accomplished.

Emma is feeling randy and wants her husband to make love to her. She knows just how to get him aroused but Emma has deeper fantasies and this time they are made real.

Father Christmas
In recent years I have written a light hearted spanking story involving Father Christmas. In order they are: Children Beware Christmas 2011, Father Christmas and the Mystery of the Missing Reindeer Dust, The Great Strike at the Christmas Toy Factory and Father Christmas and the Sad Girl.

Free at Last
She is riddled with guilt about her days as a school bully which she cannot now put right. Will she be freed from guilt if she visits a disciplinarian?

Good Girl series
Three stories about a young woman who discovers she isn’t quite as good as she thought she was. Good Girls, A Good Girl in Africa and The Castigat Project.

I Needed a Job
She needed a job…badly. So when she read the terms and conditions of the residential post she didn’t worry too much. That was a mistake…or was it?

It Was Worth Getting Spanked
They fell foul of the very new strict laws and ended wearing one of the punishment bracelets that made it impossible to leave the mall without a spanking. However, in the queue with them was Carl Evans…a thug who often bullied them. Can they use that to get him off their backs?

Late Night Call
Jim is a grumpy old man and a drunken young woman phoning in the middle of the night does not improve his temper but then he realises the voice is familiar and makes plans.

Looking Forward to the Morning
A stressed out young woman goes on holiday to France. On the ferry she is rude to the girl serving coffee and is amazed when a man tells her off and promises her a spanking if they meet again.

Martha Decides
Martha is a most unusual girl and always has been and then Arthur comes along. Is Martha getting more than she bargained for or just what she wanted all along?

Matilda’s Video
When the video popped up on her system from David it shocked and excited her. David apologised telling her he had sent it by mistake but this mistake sets her sex life on fire.

Melanie and her Stepfather
Melanie is eighteen and about to go to university when her mother remarries. Her stepfather makes an offer she cannot refuse. There are six stories in which Melanie could have earned a spanking but will her stepfather spank her?

Miss Mary, Miss Spicer, Mr Masters and Mrs Lewis
Set in the 1920s Mary Anderson is seventeen when she is orphaned and taken in by Miss Spicer as a sort of companion. Miss Spicer is rather old fashioned even by the standards of her time and Mary finds sitting down is not always comfortable but begins to appreciate the discipline; when Miss Spicer dies Mary comes to a difficult decision. The story is divided into six parts.

Mum at Work
Mum is absolutely fed up with her teenage daughter. So what if she is about to go off to university she still shouldn’t leave her room in that sort of mess. Time for mum to get to work.

Our Little Secret
Some secrets should never be kept and Chloe knows that but who should she tell?

A story set in 1964 when prudish attitudes endanger a girl’s university place.

A girl with the random but scary ability to predict what is going to happen.

Reminder Spankings
Can she tell her father about the arrangement she has with her husband to be?

Her life is in tatters when she sets off for a long walk on the moors. She rescues Annie and has to help her get back home…but what a strange home it is. Then the weather closes in and she must stay the night. Is it her that rescued Annie or has Annie rescued her?

Sally's journey

New for January 2016 a seriel in nine parts. Sally is a highly successful career girl in the world of finance. She is making a great deal of money although despises what she does. Then a family tragedy requires her to leave her job and care for her sister-in-law and small niece and nephew. She uses the time to evaluate her life and finds it wanting. When she is finally free she sets out to find a new direction in life. What she finds is a marriage in a domestic discipline community. However, Sally soon discovers that a threat to her new family requires her to fight for them.

Senior Prefect
Alice is the senior prefect but feels obliged to protect her wayward sister.

A supernatural tale where love transcends death.

Strange Stories
These all have a common theme of being…well rather strange.

Strange She is late for assembly but surely the headmaster knows she is a teacher.
Strange: Grandmother’s Bed Her grandmother left her the house and the very old bed in one room. She also left strict instructions she should never sleep in it.
Strange: Resisting the Temptations of the Flesh She sells her body to a select group of men each week. She uses the money to give her children a chance to get out of poverty but her last customer of the day is unusual.
Strange: School Daze She is determined to get through the school day without punishment but just what sort of school is this and why is she so determined?
Strange: The Full Experience A visit to the principal’s office is really not what it seems.

Thank You
My very first spanking story. This was written for a kind American gentleman (and gentle man is the right term) who guided my exploration of this genre. It is a work of fiction just in case you imagine the lengthy spanking scenes really happened.

The Editor
She desperately wants to stop writing idiotic fashion reviews and write instead for Spanking Weekly. The editor says her writing is not good enough as it is not from experience and offers her a unique opportunity.

The Good Christian Girl
He plans to be her stepfather. She knows he is an abusive man and plans to get rid of him even if her plans are a little underhand.

The Good Christian Girl and Ron Freethy
She knows Ron Freethy is in love with her mother and her mother needs a new husband but just how to bring them together.

The Good Wife series
Some readers may find a few of these stories make uncomfortable reading. The Good Wife is a young woman who has married an older man in a church noted for its really odd attitude to the roles of husbands and wives. She wants to be a good wife and he is a good man but can they make their marriage work in a different way to that the church wants? Follow Rebecca and Isaac as they explore their sex life and their relationship. There are six stories in the series: The Good Wife, The Good Wife and the Strap, The Good Wife and the Bedroom, The Good Wife Loses Her Temper, The Good Wife and the Sermon, and The Good Wife and the Hannah Effect.

The Honeymoon
She knew what she wanted and that was an old fashioned marriage where he was in charge and could chastise her if necessary but can she find a man able to handle the responsibility?

The Last Spanking Story
A walk on the moors ends when Miles goes through a portal and into a village lost in time. As the world’s premier writer of spanking stories he should be happy in this village with its tough attitude to corporal punishment but Miles wants to escape. He is told escape is impossible and then there is his mysterious visitor in the night. The situation becomes very frightening for him. A story in seven parts.

The Study
A strange story with no explanation as to exactly what is happening. A woman is drawn by her guilt from her own world to a house. In that house she is punished with a birching…but there is more; the gentleman administering it has fallen for her. Is this the start of a romance?

The Destruction of the Spankbot Twentytwelve
When the evil inventor builds a spanking machine with which to spank children there is only one thing the children can do…destroy the machine. ‘The Pirates’, with the help of Clever Claude, bravely accomplish their mission and not only is the machine destroyed but the evil Mr Grimeshaw disappears leading to….

The Super Spankbot
Stephanie is training to be a teacher when she discovers the Spankbot has returned but in even more frightening guise. Stephanie must reawaken The Pirates and Clever Claude to fight the evil menace but she and Angela will suffer several sessions in the Super Spankbot before they can finally destroy it for all time.

One commentator wrote of both Spankbot stories, “Hilarious and wonderful story! Love the German avenging angel, vegetarian Claude and his gay staff and the whole concept of Spankbots morphing into Justicebots for the Middle East market. Something to savour in every paragraph (and the spankings weren't bad either).

The Summons
St Amelia’s Academy has some very strange customs indeed but if she wants to achieve her ambition and become head girl she must accept the summons.

The Therapist
A light hearted spanking story.

One commentator wrote, “Fed up with cliché stories and stock characters? This one is completely different and utterly delightful, making gentle fun of just about everybody else in the genre. Great.”

The Therapist Despairs

A sequel light hearted spanking story about the therapist.

Another commentator wrote, “The only trouble with this story is that it tells everyone the truth, not only about the writers of spanking fiction, but of the entire internet was we know it. The truth is rare on the net, no one knows for sure if one who claims to be the writer of any article is really the writer and if they are telling the truth. Such things are written and only believed because they are written by someone who claims to be an authority but that is likely a lie. There is only one truth...and it is out there to be found. Well done and very thought provoking.”

The Thoughtful Spanking and Thinking About the Thoughtful Spanking
Could a regular weekly spanking make you more thoughtful and self-reflective? Well really there is only one way to find out.

The Truant
Abigail is frightened of the supply/replacement teacher who will take her class on Friday so she decides to bunk off school. It is a dangerous thing to do but she organises it well and then she visits the old house. What she witnesses sends her scurrying home as fast as she can…unhurt but wiser.

The Wish trilogy
Who is the strange lady dressed in rather an eccentric fashion? She won’t say but she does have the ability to grant certain types of wishes which leave the recipient with the question, “Do I wish to continue?” The three stories are: The Wish, Another Wish and The Best Wish.

Twelve Words
There were only twelve words spoken: He said, “Excuse me, would you mind if I sat here?” She replied, “Not at all.” Not much on which to build a spanking much less love and marriage but with the help of Mrs Pendle and her company Arrangements they might stand a chance. This story was written especially for Patxi who wanted more romance in his spanking stories.

Wednesday’s Child
A frightening glance of what can happen when censorship gets out of hand.

What Happened at Camp
Amy was proud to be accepted as a camp leader. She was not prepared for what happened to her and the long lasting effect it had.

When in Rome
When in Rome do as the Romans do…but has Joy got the courage to go along with the spanking culture she encounters when she makes a move to the US?

He came to the door when there was trouble in the house. He dealt with all the problems and they all loved him but just who was he and how did he know they needed him?

Winning the Draw
A story in five parts. I was challenged to write a story out of my normal comfort zone. Be warned this has tough punishment scenes and non-consensual sex. None of the characters, including the heroine, is very nice. In spite of that it has its fans and who knows you may be one of them.

WPC Anne Martin
A story about a young woman police officer. Anne has screwed up in a big way but will her sergeant report her or will he suggest another solution? Set in the 1960s. It has been written to be as realistic as possible.


Short Stories published on CF Publications

Many of my stories are only available through CF Publications, For a small sum you can download the story to your own device to read as many times as you wish. CF Publications has been around a long time and originally the stories were delivered through the post (possibly in plain brown envelopes). CF Publications is an American site but Steve has been encouraging over the years even if he has tried to call me ‘Susie’ from time to time. My stories at CF Publications are written under the author name SMT (or sometimes Sue Mary Thomas).

Below is a list of stories available through CF Publications.

Visit CF Publications Website at

Punished For The Good Of All

The girls wanted admission to the boys’ school, the instruction was better and the opportunities were better. The problem was that to be truly accepted by the other  students, the girls not only had to agree to accept the school’s traditional corporal punishments, but had to demonstrate that this was not just empty talk...


Being bored at a museum, 22 year old Mary allowed herself to be placed with a group of miscreants slated for the headmaster’s cane. Curiosity drives her to take the caning which she finds incredibly painful but turns her on. When she reveals herself, a young instructor is detailed to drive her home, the hot sex was not part of his assignment but neither of them complained...

New Family, New Ways

It was a mixed marriage, he spanked his daughters as needed, Amelia’s mum had never spanked her. To be fair, Amelia probably provided less cause for punishment in general. But the new family would be run by his rules, and all the girls would go over his knee and present their bare bottoms for sound spankings when they transgressed the rules. Amelia was the first...

Safe Word

She didn’t know where the desire came from, but she desperately wanted to be spanked, over the knees, bare bottom, no stopping until he said so, but she had taken it slowly until now. But now she told him she had lied about her age, and they were clearly going to move on to a new level, no panties, no control, and no Safe Word...


There had always been something missing in her life…discipline. When her mum remarried she didn’t think that her new stepfather would help her find the missing piece.

Mission Accomplished

In the near future, Britain has reinstituted spanking in the home, workplace, and for minor crimes. Zooey has come from America to write about this phenomenon, bringing with her the idea that anything not American must be funny, quaint, or wrong-headed. That is, until a session over her host’s knee introduces her to the real merits of old fashioned, skirts and panties off spankings...

Alice, Her Papa, and Mrs. Brocklehurst

Alice simply was not a well behaved young lady. Her father knew it, her own maid knew it, the butler, the housekeeper, and the rest of the staff knew it, and finally Alice herself knew it, and agreed with the rest that she must learn discipline. She volunteers for a trip to Mrs. Brocklehurst’s establishment for the discipline of young ladies where she must strip herself of her clothes and bend over for a severe birching, and scheduled reminder visits...


Susannah approved of the policy of birching young offenders, but when the policy threatens to deliver a young woman back to the man who has been abusing her, Susannah volunteers to take her place and endure a weekend of forced nudity, spankings, strappings, canings, and of course, the final birching...

Teaching Verily

It was just before graduation and Verily was in serious trouble. Once she could have accepted a school caning rather than expulsion, but the regulations were very clear and corporal punishment by the head was no longer permitted. However, there was a loophole, a former teacher who accepted girls in need of a sharp lesson. Shedding her clothes would be embarrassing, several canings would be painful, but she would return forgiven and eligible to graduate with her class...

Abbigail and Her Hosts

Abby had long been fascinated by the idea of spankings to keep her on the straight and narrow. Now that she was in college, living with an old-fashioned landlord and landlady, it seemed the time to find out if spankings actually work and if they are actually as exciting as she thought. She found that the pain and embarrassment of old fashioned spankings with her bottom bared were a great motivator, the jury is still out on the excitement...

The Church - 1

English journalist, Linda Smith, has a plum assignment. To go to America and write a series on the return of spanking with particular emphasis on an Arkansas community which believes in a biblical mandate for the spanking of children, adult children, and misbehaving wives. Linda falls from grace a bit when she can’t resist peeping at a preacher’s wife switching her errant daughters and then dropping her own panties for a strapping from the preacher...

The Church - 2

Linda attends a training session where men are taught, with live models, how to give a spanking. Then she, somehow volunteers to serve as the bared bottom recipient of a hairbrush spanking at a women’s training session...

The Church - 3

Linda visits a more remote village and considers staying and buying the local newspaper. In the midst of this, she is careless with mealtimes at her boarding house and she learns what it is like to get a real hairbrush spanking with her panties down and her dress raised over the capable knees of her landlady...

The Church - 4

Linda will tell you that going over someone’s knee to be spanked, is not merely embarrassing, but also uncomfortable. When Jeb started to raise her skirt she cried out but he ignored her and pulled her skirt right over her back. Worse was to follow for then she felt his hand tugging at the waistband of her ‘panties’ as they called  them. “Jeb please don’t,” she called but was ignored...

The Church - 5

For a young career woman to bare and bend and stay bent for a man to use a belt on her like this was very hard but Linda so much wanted to integrate that she kept her position more or less...

The Church - 6

Soon they were bent over on opposite sides of the kitchen table with their skirts up and their panties pulled up high exposing their bottom cheeks; the modesty only a very small solace in an awful situation. Joe Lewis stood behind Emily Popplewell and Steve Popplewell behind Ashley Lewis. Two straps flew through the air and cracked down on two very young and already much bruised bottoms...

The Church - 7

Although she really wasn’t at fault, it was bound to happen sooner or later. So Susan was bent over in the public square, her skirt raised, nothing but thong to protect the remnants of her modesty, and she received 18 strokes of the heavy strap...

The Church - 8

“What about you Sammy; do you think you should be spanked too?” “Yes daddy because I should have known better and I let myself get carried away. Well we all did really; it was silly and stupid and if we’d gone dressed in those clothes...” “Good Sammy; now please let those shorts down and your panties.” ...

The Church - 9

You may expect a far more severe punishment if you do not show significant signs of improvement very quickly. Now while I get my strap please remove your skirt and underwear including any pantyhose you may be wearing...

Amy and Fugol Island: A Time of Preparation

Amy has a chance for a great postgraduate fellowship on Fugol Island. The catch is girls Amy’s age, 19, and older are subject to spankings from parents and parental figures. Not quite sure what to do, Amy decides to try it out, asking her grandfather to resume the panties down spankings which corrected her behavior when she was a little girl...

Amy and Fugol Island: A First Visit

Amy makes a preparatory visit to Fugol. The good news is she doesn’t get spanked, the bad news is some rowdy behavior and her confession, earn her a public birching, bare bottom, of course...

Amy and Fugol Island: Moving On To Residence

Amy and her friend Elvina get into some mischief bothering a neighbor, Elvina’s father marches them both next door where the neighbor accepts the offer of punishing them. In turn, each must bare her bottom and go over the neighbor’s knee. He may have no children at home, but he hasn’t forgotten how to spank a naughty girl’s bottom...

The Times They Are A-Changin'

It is a new era in the UK, corporal punishment for teenagers is back in the school, home, and judicial system. Lucy is one of the first to experience the new regime, caned over her knickers in school, caned and spanked bare by her father at home, and bending over with her knickers down for a judicial strapping...

The Times Have Changed, Miss Barker

Not only students are now eligible for caning, but young teachers as well: Emily took hold of her knickers and then the sheer enormity of her situation hit her. She was already standing in front around ten people in just a pair of knickers and now she had to pull those down...

Changing Miss Barker

When Emily swears in front of her class, she reports herself to her supervisor for a serious offense. It’s skirts up and knickers down for a serious caning in front of the administrators and governors. Then, of course, she must tell her father who repeats the punishment without the witnesses...

Pine Lodge

Six women, each with her own load of guilt check into Pine Lodge for a week of guilt erasure. Each must drop her knickers and bend over for the paddle or strap a number of times, climaxing with a birching according to her fault...

A Long Journey

She took a year off between school and college to wander Europe, ending up at a festival in an Eastern European town, featuring spanking. Somehow she became a part of it, the first night a light spanking over her clothes, the next a harder one on her panties, the third night harder and on the bare...


Amanda could hear her stepfather-to-be spanking her mother for not keeping a good enough eye on her and Ann. Thus it really wasn’t a surprise when he spanked her on her knickers. After the marriage, she and Ann joined their mother in being subject to bare bottom spankings from him and his parents...

Melissa Takes Responsibility

Melissa was 26, but she needed to confess to her old school head a disruptive prank when she was a pupil, knowing that this meant he would give her a bare bottom caning. But there was also her father’s rule, a spanking at school meant a spanking at home, this time with a belt...

Not Likely

At age 16, Susan refused her parents’ discipline, left home, and not surprisingly made a hash of her life. Now, at 19 she wants to come home again, even, or especially, if that means she will be again subject to bare bottom punishments across her parents’ knees as deserved...

It Started With A Cruise

There are many special interest cruises, this one was organized to promote better family practices, especially with older children. The recommended methodology was hard panties down spankings as required...

The First Teacher To Be Punished

The new school was a success, based on high academic standards and corporal punishment as needed. But not only the students, but the teachers as well would have to drop their panties and bend over for spankings as earned...


When Lucy was 10, family problems made her spend two years with her uncle and aunt. They provided a loving environment but one in which misbehavior was punished with spankings. Now she is 22, once again living with them, and shocked when misbehavior again results in her pants down for a good spanking...

The Second-Hand Books

“I must ask you to raise your dress, lower your knickers and then bend over and touch your toes.” Amanda, her face burning with shame and desperate to show the headmistress the extent of her repentance carried out the instructions properly...

Saint Breca's College

After retiring from the army, Sergeant Mawvers took a position as instructor at a girls’ college. With his military experience, it was not surprising that he takes on responsibility for discipline of the staff, students, and faculty. Many a naughty young lady found herself over his knee, or bent over a chair with her knickers down for a needed taste of his hand, belt, cane, or in extreme cases, the birch... Also published as an eBook by Blushing Books as written by S M Thomas

Caroline Campbell-Baines

Remember Saint Breaca’s and Sergeant-Major Mawvers (ret) who somehow ended up in charge of spanking the deserving bottoms of staff and students? In our latest visit, it is mostly the faculty who must drop their panties for the good sergeant’s painful attentions...


The rule is simple, don’t tell a school governor he is an idiot, no matter how true it may be. When Lucy is summoned to the principal’s office, she gets a reminder of this rule with the birch, after she lifts her skirts and lowers her knickers as a teaching aid...


The professor’s daughters get in trouble and he takes them upstairs for punishment. Elizabeth was getting into the same trouble so even though she is not his daughter, she volunteers for the same punishment, skirts raised, panties down, and the belt vigorously applied to bared bottom...


Bare bottom spankings across Dad’s knees, and for serious matters, canings had been a regular part of Eleanor’s life while growing up. Now, at 24, moving back home she found that her father’s attitude towards daughterly misbehavior and paternal retribution had not changed...


There had never been a question of Amy being “too big to spank”, and even though she is 22 years old and in college, bad grades still result in an invitation to mum’s bedroom and a thorough pants down spanking. However there has been a change, now her boyfriend was exercising spanking rights as well...

A Meeting In The Park

Kristy’s life was pretty messed up, can the older gentleman she met in the park really help her with a mixture of advice and old-fashioned pants down spankings? He could and, with her agreement, would. It was painful and embarrassing but it may be just what she needs...

Exchange Teacher

It was the local custom that women stripped naked and submitted to strappings by their husbands, fathers, or brothers when needed. The school teacher from England was horrified at first, but then found it oddly right to be undressing and bending over the saw horse to pay for her misdeeds...

A Student Learns

Jo’s parents meant well, but she had grown up with no real discipline in her life. Now, in her second year of college, it was all catching up with her. Fortunately the couple she was renting from knew from raising their own children the benefits of corporal punishment and fortunately Jo realized that she needed guidance, even if it meant dropping her knickers and bending over for painful strokes of the cane...

A Student Teaches

Jo returns home and convinces her parents that she requires knickers down discipline. Although her own father prefers to use the belt on his daughters naughty bare behind. While she is at it, she also arranges that they begin spanking her younger sister as needed...

A Holiday Romance

They met in Cyprus, on holiday. First a smack on her bottom, then the beginnings of romance and spankings, then a deep lifelong love...

And that’s the Truth

They had just completed a successful business deal and retired to her room for a few drinks to celebrate. The spanking game was just a game to begin with but it swiftly became much more…

Katherine's Punishment

Some would think that a 39 year old woman was too old to report to her father’s study, remove her dress, tights, and knickers and bend over for 20 with the slipper or 15 with the cane. In fact, Katherine believed it devoutly, but she chose to live at home, so bend over she must...

Discipline and Punishment

He gave his card at a party, Physical Correction Services, it seems he spanked the bare bottoms of various women to help them become better persons. She had never heard of anything so bizarre, but somehow there she was, lowering her knickers and bending over for twenty with the strap. Then things got even more bizarre, he continued her course of discipline, but they fell in love...

Tough Love

She didn’t have very good parents, so she had sort of been adopted by her best friend’s parents. Even though this meant they spanked her as they did Ruth, she felt loved and grateful. Now she is 26 and once again in need of loving discipline, and Ruth too needs to bare her bottom for hairbrush and strap...

The Weekly Visit

She held a position of authority, but she was guilty and stressful at the end of the week. Then she started to visit him. Baring her bottom or her whole body to him and receiving a long hard spanking was painful and embarrassing, but it worked wonders for guilt and stress...

The Sleepover

It is well known the trouble a bunch of girls can get into at a sleepover. Even when the girls are young wives, the giggling and chatter continue. The traditional remedy is to spank the lot of them, and that is the favored method of Jackie’s husband. Of course, adults have advantages that teens don’t...

Welcome Home For Christmas

Pet came from a conservative family. “Go to your room” meant that a parent would follow you, your knickers would come down and your bare bottom would be spanked. Whether you were a child or old enough to marry. And sometimes you realized this was just what you needed...

New Year - New Experiences

Pet’s father fulfils her request and she is once again under his discipline. When Alan asks for her hand in marriage, Pet’s father assures that he will understand how to keep her disciplined and happy with some practical training in giving her a deserved caning...

The Journal Of A Professional Spanker: The First Clients

After years of school teaching, our hero retires and begins a business he really loves, providing clients with disciplinary spankings they can’t obtain elsewhere in the enlightened age. His first case involves a mother and daughter who know they both need bare bottom discipline. Mother lowers her knickers for the cane, daughter the slipper...

The Journal Of A Professional Spanker: Part 2

Our professional, but unpaid, spanker acquires his second and third client. First is a woman who wants to be treated like a naughty girl getting a well-deserved spanking with her pants down, next is a woman who takes a severe caning on her own terms...

The Journal Of A Professional Spanker: Part 3

It seems our hero’s dance card is filling up rapidly now a woman with some experience being spanked, but always previously in control, then a wife who wants spankings from her husband, but needs somebody to demonstrate the correct technique...

Strange Excitement

The thought of spanking excites her, although she has no experience. Eventually she is compelled to seek out a professional woman to give her first spanking. It is everything she thought it would be and more. Soon she is being paid to be spanked rather than paying and life seems perfect...

Playing The Game

There were 5 of them, intelligent young ladies but a bit of underachievers. As a lark they hire a tutor to give them a taste of old-fashioned schooling. It suddenly becomes very real as they must raise their skirts and bend over for slipper and cane on their knicker covered bottoms, and for Amy, who is living with her father, there is the threat “get spanked at school, you will get spanked at home…”

A Different Culture

It’s the 21st century and England is a civilized country, so why does Alison find herself bare from the waist down bending over to receive a caning from the local magistrate?

A Spanking Story

“Well I didn’t give you much choice but if we had one of these agreements and you broke it. Are you really telling me that you would meekly accept me saying ‘Maggie upstairs: you are getting spanked’?” “Yes.”

One Day At Smart's

The total was four - four female employees had to bare their bottoms and bend over to accept corporal  punishment from their male bosses for mistakes at work. Most got the cane, but the belt also played a part in reddening bottoms and convincing miscreants to be more careful in the future...

A New Father, New Country And New Life

A new stepfather brings a new disciplinary regime for Hannah. She has never had to bare her bottom for a spanking or a switching, and she is 23 years old. But in a household where her mother gets spanked too, can Hannah do otherwise?


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